How To Enlist Your Neighbor's Help When Selling A Home

Posted on: 16 December 2015


Putting a house up for sale is never an easy decision. You may have some conflicting emotions about doing so, especially if you have gotten to like your neighbors. However, when it's time to move on and sell your property, the good news is that your neighbors can be your greatest allies in the process of selling you home. Here are a few of the ways that you can enlist the help of a neighbor. 

Write a Letter

When you commit to selling your home, you should let the neighbors know. If you are good friends with some of your neighbors, talk to them in person about the decision. Then your next course of action should be to write a letter that's addressed to all your neighbors. It should be specifically about your decision to move.

In this letter, you should thank them and let them know that you will miss the friendships among the neighbors. You should also let them know that they are welcome to spread the word to friends and family members that you will be moving in case they know people who are looking to move into the neighborhood. Think of it this way. Everyone wants to live by people they love. Neighbors are likely to spread the word to people they want to buy the house.

This is a marketing method that certainly utilizes more of a soft sell technique. It can nevertheless be extremely helpful, as it can bring potential sellers to look at your house before it's even on the market.

Be Selective with Asking for Favors

While you are selling your home, you may end up needing to ask for several favors from neighbors. That's totally understandable. However, you should try to avoid relying on neighbors for too many things. If there are glaring things on display in a neighbor's yard, tactfully ask for the items to be removed.

You should approach this delicate task in a friendly way and offer a helping hand with its removal. Technically, unless there are neighborhood ordinances against a certain type of thing, the neighbor is likely not obligated to remove anything from the yard.

Finally, when you are going to sell your home, be sure to consult both a realtor and a real estate attorney. The realtor will offer insights into the local market and be able to provide you with invaluable services to connect you with potential buyers. Your real estate attorney will be the one who looks out for your best interests and should be relied on for help in making tough decisions along the way. With the help of your neighbor as well as these two real estate professionals, you will set yourself up for certain success in your quest to sell your home…and get top dollar for it!